"They actually affected a huge change in my outlook as a writer, effectively 'jump-starting' my entire writing process."

Andy Monroe



One Co. supports projects at all stages of development including production. We honor work in TV, Film, Web, Theater and Print. Currently One Co. is a co-producer of Invisible, Body Electric and Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting. 


INVISIBLE  |  Documentary

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Four women— a young athlete, a human rights advocate, a migrant on disability, and a woman whose life is cut too short— all in different stages of an often-debilitating syndrome called Fibromyalgia. This story is about the ups and downs of how Fibromyalgia has affected their careers, dreams, and relationships...and their fight to have access to treatments that actually help. Currently in post-production.  


Body Electric  |  Documentary

On the eve of his 45th Birthday filmmaker Nick Demos examines body image in the gay community, obsession with youth culture and his own journey from body dysmorphia to self acceptance in middle age. Currently in production.   


mr. rickey calls a meeting  |  PLAY

April 9, 1947. Branch Rickey, General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, has decided to break baseball's color barrier by promoting Jackie Robinson to the Major Leagues. But he can't do it alone. So he calls a meeting at The Roosevelt Hotel to ensure the support of three of America's most influential black men: Joe Louis, the world's heavyweight champion; Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, the legendary entertainer; and Paul Robeson, actor and political activist. The meeting erupts in a clash of egos, ideas, and ideals and the fate of one man becomes the fate of a nation, and America's national pastime will never be the same.